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Bitcoin payments at the speed of NOW
Enable your business to send and receive lightning-fast payments.
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Why Lightning Network
Lightning fast
Enable customers to pay instantly through our recommended wallets.
Cost efficient
Enjoy $0 integration fees and minimal processing fees for deposits and withdrawals.
Zero complexity
Process payments without managing a lightning node and its liquidity.
Payments cannot be tracked, ensuring the highest level of privacy.
Why ElenPAY
Get secure enterprise-grade infrastructure
99,99% Uptime and 24/7 engineer support.
Powerful dashboards
You can easy monitor and analyse your transactions in real time.
Merchant's Back-office
Integrated merchant's back-office that allows you to view & manage your transactions, fund your account, and trigger settlements.
Easy to implement API
Fast and easy integrate our technology into your system with the support of our tech team. We also provide the widget and save some time with your development team. We got your back!
ElenPAY Shop
Allow your customers to pay from anywhere and get your money without delays.
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ElenPAY Casinos
Your users can enjoy the games by depositing and withdrawing money from anywhere in the world.
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ElenPAY for Business
Generate your lightning invoice
A Bar Code will appear with all the data you need to transfer money.
Scan your bar code
Open your wallet and just scan the code.
You can also Copy and paste the Lightning invoice to your wallet and/or open your wallet.
Transfer money in milliseconds
Your payment will happen instantly, without any delays.
What our users say
Bitcoin Oasis Dubai
Collaborating with ElenPAY for our payment services proved to be an excellent choice. Their exceptional support and consulting during the preparations, coupled with seamless payment processing at the conference, far surpassed our expectations. We were extremely pleased with this fruitful collaboration.
Bitcoin Oasis
Bitcoin logo on mobile
I was very happy with how easy and quick the transaction went. My previous encounters with Lightning POSs have not been the best, thats why i decided to manage my own node. However, ElenPAY made me change my perspective. I am looking forward to seeing ElenPAY's POS available at every store I come across.
Happy User

Plug into the future of payment processing

with ElenPAY.

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Innovative SME Seal

ElenPAY and Clovr Labs have been awarded the "Innovative SME" seal by the Ministry of Science, Universities, and Innovation of the Government of Spain. This recognition is given to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that demonstrate a commitment to innovation and have a significant capacity for technological development. We are proud to be recognized for our efforts in advancing new ideas and solutions in our industry.

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